Based in Mangalore, India, Spectrum Industries is the leading manufacturer of a wide range of high quality cleaning, grading & sorting machinery for the food industry. Spectrum's commitment to customer care is total & its mission is to provide high quality products to its customers.


Electronic Color Sorter

Camera Sorter

Electronic Color Sorter

Integrating advanced microprocessors, the S-2001 "Spectrum Electronic Color Sorter", is a highly functional and multi-purpose color sorting machine like grain color sorter that has been designed to deliver efficiency and greater sorting accuracy. It is perfect for sorting of large grains like coffee, peanuts, peas, seeds, etc.



Roller feed machine

Three Way Scanning

Multi-mode scanning helps in all round viewing of beans or other grains and produces better quality product.

Hybrid Signal Conditioning

This enables quick and reliable signal processing.

Auto Nulling

Automatically adjusts itself against varying light intensity and changes in background.


Storage of operating data is done in non-volatile "NV" up to two years. This helps in evaluating the productivity of individual machines.


It can be connected to a central computer which can monitor the operation of multiple machines and also enables data transfer and storage.

Voltage Stabilization

Automatic built-in voltage stabilization and self generated neutral.


Every spares is available and delivered quickly. After sales service that ensures smoother operations.


Electronic Power

200 Watts - 440 Volts. Frequency 50 Hz


3 Phase - 50/60 Hz - 555 Watts


Width 720 mm / Height 1845 mm / Depth 1500 mm


350 - 400 Kgs / hour

Camera Sorter

The S-4001 "Spectrum Camera Sorter" is a highly functional machine and is used for a variety of color sorting applications like: food grains including rice color sorter, coffee color sorter, cereals color sorter, pulses color sorter, groundnuts color sorter etc., dehydrated vegetables and non food products such as plastics and pharmaceuticals. The product to be sorted can be scanned at up to 3000 scans per second that produces a very high resolution image of the object by using advanced high resolution line scan cameras. A video screen displays the resulting image for on-line viewing of the product. The resultant product data is then compared with user preset parameters in order to reject the defective product using ultra fast pneumatic ejectors.

The S-4001 is fully computerized with automatic calibration and self check procedures. It is possible to instantly change over from one product to another with the usage of pre-stored sorting algorithms.

  • High resolution line scan cameras.

  • Up to 3000 scans per seconds.
  • Auto cleaning by wiper system of the viewing area.
  • Super fast pneumatic ejectors.
  • Automatic on line calibration with self check procedures.
  • Fully computerized.


Air Requirements

Electrical Requirements

Pressure :

7 Bar (100 PSI) Voltage : 230 V A.C.

Voltage :

230 V A.C.

Consumption :

15-50 Ltr/Sec (32-110 cfm) approx.

Freq. :

50 Hz.

Air Quality :

Free of Water, Oil and Dirt

Phase :


Power :

2 KW


For Small Products (Rice) :

Up to 224 Channels (In multiples of 32 Channels per lane )

For Medium Products (Pulses):

Up to 140 Channels (In multiples of 20 Channels per lane )

For Large Products (Peanuts) :

Up to 112 Channels (In multiples of 16 Channels per lane )

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