(Best Alternative to Steel Bucket)

KRISHNA PLASTECH is here to provide an excellent "Elevator Bucket" giving a permanent and ideal solution for the problems faced due to the use of 'steel buckets in different industrial application.


  • Manufactured with advanced technology.

  • With the help of highly sophisticated and automatic injection moulding machines.

  • Meets the international standard.

  • Most safe and reliable.

KRISHNA PLASTECH provides a wide range of "Elevator Buckets" sizes from 4" to 14", which are:-

  • Light in Weight

  • Less electricity consumption.

  • Low cost and economical.

  • Longer life then steel bucket.

  • More durability of converyer belt.

  • Lifting of more quantity of materials.

  • Rust proof and chemical resistant.

  • Dimensionally stable.

  • Trouble free performance.

  • No inspection and maintenance cost.

  • No mechanical damage in handling.

  • Faster and cleaner discharge.

  • Withstand Higher Temperature.

  • Less broken of grains.

Uses Recommended :

  • Paddy

  • Rice

  • Beans

  • Flour

  • Oilseed

  • Grains

  • Seeds

  • Salt

  • Sugar

  • Fertilizer