(Manufacturers of Aluminium Extruded finned tubes and Heat Exchangers)


We introduce our self as a manufacturer of various sizes of ALUMINIUM EXTRUDED FINNED tubes which is used in Heat exchanger for Rice Mill and Dall Mill driers.

Since fin and the tubes are together in one piece, there will never be any formation of gap in between fin and tube-which will ensure steady and full Scale heat transfer without any reduction or loss of efficiency., Moreover since Aluminum is having thermal Conductivity three times that Of Steel, these bimetallic tubes with Aluminum fins and Aluminum outer muff tubes will have immensely high efficiency of heat transfer in respect of standard and conventional heat exchanger, because of the higher degree of heat transfer.

Compared to other type finned tubes, fins do not break, unwind or become loose which affects greatly thermal efficiency. During the fining process a tight mechanical bond is made between the finned aluminum outer tube and inner base tube of the required metal.

Advantages of Aluminium Extruded Finned tubes with MS or SS Base Tube :

  1. Aluminium fin is fully gets mechanical bonding with inner base tube, so there will not be any air gap between fin and the base tube. So there is no heat loss.

  2. Heat transfer will be 100%, compared to other type finned tubes.

  3. Inside base tube is fully covered by aluminium layer, so it is not exposed to atmosphere. It leads to no corrosion in the base tube.

  4. Steam consumption will be minimized up to 15% to 25%.

  5. The drier running time will be reduced, so the boiler efficiency will be increased.

  6. Drier running time will be reduced, it leads to reduction in Electricity consumption, man power and fuel consumption for Boiler

Quality is the foundation of our operations. We are committed to satisfying the requirements of our customers in all types of tubes they want. You definitely can feel relieved to give your orders to us . would fine how perfect our fin tube is. Avail from us and we will meet your needs at any time, any place.


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