Manufactures of Electronic Equipments for all type of Food processing Industries like Modern rice Mill, Dhal Mill, Cashew Mill and Textile Industries.


  • Rice Color Sorter, Multi Grain Color Sorter, Moisture Meter, Steam Controller.
  • Cotton Vision Sorter, Metal Detector and Fire i System.
  • Automation for Rice Mills


Features of G series:-

2048- pixels Advance Linear CCD Camera Technology
LED LAMP give more stable and better life
Double side viewing incorporated
Ejector :1000/500 operations per second
Detecting 0.088 mm subtle colors and defects
7 inch TFT Color Touch Control Panel
Manual IRIS/Focus Lens
Auto wiper Cleaning System
Embedded system with Digital image technique
Excellent output in minimum number of channels
Stable sorter accuracy by improved collection efficiency
Technology take care of lighting Background variation
Capable of simultaneous sorting of chalky
Up to 20 programming modes can be registered in memory

G Series

GENN adopting 2048-pixel high speed advanced line scan CCD camera and image processing technology can process image parameters ever faster

Intelligent image processing algorithm gives sure high consistency of signal, stability and simplified outline. Analyzing finest color difference making perfect sorting is possible.